From awareness to action. And everything in between.


We work to create impact using the power of communications for health and social good

Easier. Better. Faster

Change. Results. Impact

At, QRB we specialize in result-oriented awareness and behaviour change campaigns on Health and Social Development for a diverse range of audiences to create positive change and real-world impact.


In doing this, we work closely with communities and help them happen across geographies.

Making It Happen

From the simplest ideas to the most challenging, we work with our audiences and end users to ensure knowing and doing is at its easiest.


With in depth understanding of our audiences, we delve deep for actionable insights that help to ideate, develop and bring to market product and service campaigns that make impact at scale. Whatever the complexity.


We make them happen easier, better, and faster. And combine it with efficiency and effectiveness.

Core Work

Strategic & Social Marketing

Behaviour Change

Technology For Health & Social Development

Focus Areas

Public Health

Social Development


Animal Welfare

Who Do We Work With

We work with National Governments, Policy Makers, Stakeholders, Academic Institutions, Business Leaders, Innovators and End users of products and services.


We are professionals with research, advocacy, behaviour change, marketing, operations, and technology backgrounds with cross over experience of public and private sector; across four continents, and eleven countries. 

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